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We are offering totally FREE UK based Website Hosting to a limit number of customers, this is kind of a special launch offer although it is also a great way for the more sceptical among you to test our claims and sample first hand the quality of our hosting and our service.

Here is what you will get, yeah ok in hosting terms it isn't much, but remember this is totally free and more then adequate to run a new or basic website. If you require more in the future that means your website is doing well and we will still be here for you to keep you online.


We with-hold the right to stop offering free hosting at any time. We further more with-hold the right to only offer a set number of free packages and will allocate them at our sole discretion.

Applicants for hosting from certain countries may be required to provide information and proof on who they are and to verify trust, before your application will be processed.
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