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Choosing the right web hosting company

There are many things you should take into consideration when deciding which website hosting company is right for you and your website. Believe it or not and maybe controversial to popular believe the price is not one of the most important of them. As you will know yourself what’s the point in saving yourself an extra couple of pound a month if your host is unreliable, your website is always offline or even worse, the hosting company folds because they couldn’t make ends meet. With this in mind we have put together a quick list and guide to help you while choosing which company will be best. We have placed each factor in the order we feel it is most important, starting with the highest priority first.

Server Uptime ::

We believe this is perhaps the most important factor in choosing any web hosting company for the simple reason that if you website is always down or there server is always offline, everything else becomes irrelevant. Always take the time to find out what a hosts average uptime is, and don’t just take there word or website claims as gospel, see if they provide status pages for their servers and also a record of how many times they have experienced down-time in the last couple of months and was this down to planned maintenance or am unforeseen technical issues.

XD2 Secure:
Average Uptime: 99.9%
Server Status Page:

Bandwidth and Web Space ::

At number two in our list we believe you should be looking at Bandwidth and Web Space.

Bandwidth is how much traffic (visitors/website users) can access your website before you will a) be charged for extra bandwidth or b) have your website turned off. It is important that the package you choose offers a good amount of bandwidth so that even if your website is new it can consistently grow without fear of you incurring extra charges or your site being shut down. We would recommend you aim for around 10 - 20gb for a new site and if you have an established site you should be able to estimate your requirements from your websites log-stats.

XD2 Secure: Our basic package offers you 20gb of bandwidth at just £3.49pm

Web Space is how much space you have for storage of files as part of your package, this works exactly like the hard drive in your computer only you will be sharing a hard drive with other people hosting other websites and so everyone is allocated a certain amount for their own needs. Most business websites, including mainly information and images would only need a few 100mb’s but again allowing room for growth you should be aiming at around 500 - 1000mb’s, this will easily store your website with room to spare to keep back-ups of documents if required.

XD2 Secure: Our basic package offers you 750mb of web space at just £3.49pm

Customer Support ::

Although if everything else is right you should never really need to use it, we still feel it is important you take into consideration the web hosts customer support. Because if the time comes where you do require support, you want to know you will get it and it will be effective. Always check what methods of support will be available to you as a customer, if possible the average reply times to emails or ticket submission, and if the people you will be speaking to actual know about hosting and are technically minded enough to fix your problem quickly and efficiently. The last thing you need is to tell you problem to someone who doesn’t understand,, misinterprets it to the technical staff and then nothing is resolved.

XD2 Secure:
In the event your website goes down or you have issues caused by our servers or purchased software you can contact us via Ticket Submission (24 Hours), Live Support (When Online) and Phone (during office hours).

Features and Price ::

So finally we get to price, not the least important but also this shouldn’t be considered on it’s own. Price isn’t just about what a hosting package costs. You should consider it in terms of what you get for the money you are paying. As with a car, if you run out and buy the cheapest car you can find, it would probably be un-reliable, lack many features, and come with no warranty (support). This is exactly how it works with web hosting, you get what you pay for so always check to see what exactly you are getting.

XD2 Secure:
You can see what you get for your money with us at the “Compare Packages” page.

Control Panel ::

Although maybe not considered to be a big issue, we feel it is important that your host provides you with an easy to use web hosting control panel. So you can manage as much as you need to yourself and easily manage your package and view your statistics.

XD2 Secure:
We use the world renowned cPanel software for all our hosting packages and as such you can feel at ease that the control panel you get will be secure and feature rich.

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